Magic and My Life

 I want my first post on here to be one of gratitude to my fans. I went from a guy performing magic at a flea market to a magician with my own show at one AMAZING theater! I owe everything to you guys (and gals)! I give you my word that I will work my hardest to further the art of magic in any way I can; starting with my own show!

Leaving Gatlinburg


The time has come and I have now left The Iris Theater in Gatlinburg. Things just weren't meant to be for me there; but I want to thank those at the Gatlinburg Space Needle for giving me the opportunity to perform there. It was quite the experience! I also want to thank Bill Gladwell. He is the mentalist there and is a phenomenal performer and person! He helped me a great deal while I was performing there. Check him out when you have the chance and keep checking in on the site; I have many new projects in the works right now; and will be posting more about them soon! Take care and thank you for your support!



I'm preparing for a Halloween show! I'm looking for a place and time so keep a watchful eye for news! Feel free to send me any ideas for stunts or themes. Would you be interested in a seance show? Imagine 10-20 people sitting in a circle for readings and contacting spirits on the most ghostly night of the year! I'll keep you posted on what's going on. But I have a feeling you will not want to miss this!