About Siraldi

I am a general practitioner of magic. I specialize in close up magic and have experience in escapology; mentalism; parlor magic; comedy magic; juggling; and balloon animals. I have performed in venues ranging from restaurants; festivals and carnivals; birthday parties; churches; theaters; and the streets. Becoming a magician has given me the opportunity to make others laugh; smile; and see the amazement on their face that only few things can create; and performing is not something I take lightly.


Types of Shows

Why should I Hire Siraldi?

Siraldi provides a variety of different services and can appeal to audiences of all ages

School Shows

Siraldi appeals to elementary children to high school young adults. He is a man of character and believes foremost that character; respect; integrity; and hard work are the fundamental building blocks to a successful life and career: which is something he likes to pass on to the upcoming generation. Elementary school children love how Siraldi makes objects appear from thin air and the tricky games he plays. High school kids love Siraldi's anecdotes of his travels and how he challenges the strongest student and teacher to restrain him with 100' of rope!

College Lectures

Magic is an art that most every person has been enthralled with at least once in his or her life. The art of magic used social dynamics; psychology; secrets; misdirection; and manual dexterity to achieve the desired effects. Siraldi demonstrates and discusses not only the history and past purpose of the art; but also how it can be used in every day and academic life

Walk Around/ Strolling Magic

This is what Siraldi considers to be his forte! Siraldi specialized in magic that happens within reach of the spectators. He claims that "Nothing is as magical as the magic that happens; not only right in front of the spectators eyes; but right in their hands!". Siraldi is most comfortable and prepared when he has all that he needs on his person. He performs miracles with out the large props and stage setting and brings it right to you! The places and events that this type of magic succeeds include; but are not limited to:





Business Parties


Night Clubs


Fall Festivals


Birthday Parties

A magician is the next best thing to a pony; and requires no clean up after! Siraldi provides children with special show where THEY are the stars! This 30-45 min. show includes a great deal of audience participation where all members are involved. Whether holding a wand; having half dollars pulled out of their ear; or by using the mysterious "Woofle Dust" every child will be laughing and grinning from ear to ear! Not only that; but every child is left with his or her very own balloon animal! (Even the parents can usually sweet talk Sirali into having a balloon animal for their own!)

Large Scale Stunts and Escapes

This is an area that Siraldi has been interested in from an extremely young age. He often will talk (non-stop if you catch him outside of a show!) about how he remembers admiring daredevils since he can remember. What is more memorable than someone escaping an impossible device in an even less possible way!? Siraldi will adapt his stunt to fit your needs and everyone will be talking abotu your event for years to come!


"Large scale stunts and escapes have fascinated me nearly from birth! Though I've had this fascination; this area is very new to me in my professional career. Every stunt that I have attempted for experimentation and every stunt that I will do in the future will involve extensive research and training. These stunt are scary and possibly dangerous. But I do want those interested to know that I am a professional and have trained and studied these acts for most of my life. I do not take these lightly; but for those interested; I don't want them to worry."

Siraldi is new to some aspects of the magic world; but his references will say that Siraldi never enters an environment or situation that he is not completely prepared for. He is now offering special discounts to those interested in hosting a specialized stunt or escape! He is looking to build his portfolio in this area. So if you are interested in this; contact Siraldi now while the deal is still offered!

Group Magic Classes

Siraldi believes in upholding the secrets of magic; but he is also a firm believer in passing on the art to preserve its future. Imagine a room full of kids or adults learning the fundamental principles of magic! Siraldi will not only teach tricks so that YOU will be able to perform your own private magic show; but he teaches the basics of presentation; misdirection; and patter! He will also teach what he considers to be one of his favorite pass-times: "Betcha's".

He can teach you how to win a bet with your friends or just impress them with your new knowledge!

Siraldi's magic classes are not solely to teach kids or to learn how to be that "cool uncle"; but he teaches you how to use magic in every day life. Magic is a perfect way to break the ice with a new friend; meet new people; and conduct business. For questions; feel free to contact Siraldi!

Private Magic Lessons

Siraldi: "I believe magic is like no other art. Yes... other art forms; especially performing arts; are very similar to magic in many ways. The two main things that separate magic are: magic requires many different skill sets to be incorporated at once and the best part is the mystery. The secrecy of magic is something I feel no other art can touch"

Siraldi wants to preserve the art which includes:

- keeping the secrets

- and passing them on

If you are truly interested in learning to become a magician; for hobby or profession; Siraldi is now offering private lessons. This is different from the "Group Magic Classes" by a great degree. He won't only teach you "tricks" to show your friends; but will demonstrate and teach you how; why; and when to perform certain illusions. You will learn about the history and practice of magic. This is where you can learn illusions with special props and ordinary objects. This is only for those seriously interested in learning the art. Siraldi believes in keeping his prices low and competitive to ensure that anyone (who is sincerely interested in magic) can learn.